8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a fiercely independent dog that has no problem taking charge. Here are some interesting facts about Anatolian Shepherd Dogs: They Were Bred to Guard Flocks From Predators The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a livestock guardian dog, meaning he is in charge of watching over a flock and protecting the defenseless animals from predators. …

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Environmental Costs of War

Using war to resolve conflicts seldom has the expected outcome. Some wars drag on for years and years with no resolution. War has an immense and lasting impact on the environment. Oil from heavy military equipment and spent uranium from weaponry pollute waterways making water non potable. Dust from explosions and movement of vehicles is …

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Farm Topics

Farm Mom Of The Year (NAPSA)—Whether raising a family or raising a crop, “farm moms” are the backbone of the family farm—andthenation. To recognize the contributions farm moms make, Monsanto cre- ated the America’s Farmers Mom of the Year contest. This year’s national winner, Kansas rancher and blogger Debbie Lyons-Blythe, says, “City moms and farm …

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